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Download the 2015 Scopecoat Catalog. ... More Information

Hunting and Recreation

Scopecoat™ is used by the recreational shooter, to the seasoned hunter. Scope and sighting system precision settings can make a difference, so protection is paramount! Protect it with Scopecoat™. ... More Information

Spotting Scopes

Spotting scopes are similar to finger prints, each one is unique and presents in different sizes and shapes.  Scopecoat™ covers several spotting scopes checkout the spotting scope table to view the various sizes we offer! ... More Information

Scopecoat™ for Hunting Handguns

During hunting season your scope is exposed to the elements, (rain, snow, sleet, etc.) Protect your scope with Scopecoat™ to prevent dings or scratches while drawing moisture and condensation away. ... More Information

Scopecoat™ for Military Applications

Armed forces face combat under extreme circumstances. Their scopes require the best protection to maintain optimum performance. Scopecoat™ provides that protection with the XP-6 Flak Jacket which is 6mm thick - 3 times thicker than ... More Information

Tactical Protection

These rifles are built to to perform in the most adverse conditions; the optic is just as important. Protect your scope with America's most trusted name in scope protection. ... More Information

Barrel Boot™

Barrel Boot™ keeps dust, dirt, etc. out of your barrel. Barrel Boots™ are available in 2 mm and 3 mm thicknesses. ... More Information


Announcing our New BinoBib™ Protective Cover, offering the same great protection as our Scopecoat™ covers! ... More Information

Electronic, Holographic, Night Vision and Laser

Our protective cover is made for all hi-tech, state-of-the-art electronic optics including: Holosight, HolosightII, Trijicon Reflex, C-More, Eotech, and the ATN Ultrasight. ... More Information


The Scopecoat® is constructed using the high-quality Neoprene (2, 3, 5 and 6mm thick) laminated with Nylon. Its simple design safe guards optics for any kind of scope from dings, scratches, dust, dirt, and moisture. The shock-absorbing Neoprene pulls moisture and condensation away from your scope and helps protect it from the elements. Our standard Scopecoat® is available in Black, Natural Gear™ Camo, Coyote Brown, Dark Earth and other colors upon request.

Scopecoat® stretches up to 10% in any direction and the "correct fit" can be your choice: either more relaxed or snug. Each Scopecoat® fits a variety of manufacturers / devices.  Use our guide when selecting a Scopecoat® for your own.  Available in over 80 standard and custom sizes.  You can even personalize your Scopecoat® by having your company, organization, club or manufacturer's logo imprinted on it.


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